211 – Richard Cooke (Returns)

Richard Cooke is a brilliant writer and commentator who’s written for the likes of The ChaserThe Monthly, The New York Times and The New Republic. His 2019 collection of essays Tired of Winning: A Chronicle of American Decline painted a picture of “Trump country” and the factors at play in US politics over the past four years.

Richard kindly came back on the pod to reflect on the results of the 2020 presidential election: what a Biden/Harris victory means, just how bad the Trump presidency has/hasn’t been, whether Bernie Would Have Won, the spectre of “wokism” (ergh), BIPARTISANSHIP and what this whole whacky episode might tell us about the state of the Australian Left.

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Richard’s writing on LongForm

Tired of Winning: A Chronicle of American Decline by Richard Cooke

ARTICLE: The Disappearing Man by Richard Cooke

ARTICLE: Anthony Albanese on Rudd, News Corp, Trump and why he won’t name a JobSeeker rate by Josh Butler

Cause of the Week: Swing Left (swingleft.org)

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