hello there.

my name’s tom and i’m an australian comedian doing his best.

i used to cohost the breakfast show on triple j,  i hosted my own late-night tv show tonightly with tom ballard and i regularly travel all over the world performing stand-up comedy.

welcome to my website. here you can find out a little bit more about me, read my blog, check out any upcoming gigs i may have, check out my free podcastsign up to the mailing list and just generally have a good time.

if at any point you feel bored by this site’s content and would prefer the excitement and giddy thrills of youtube or online pornography, i suggest opening some new tabs and having the best of both worlds.


Latest News

231 – Tim Hollo

Tim Hollo is a former staffer for the Australian Greens, is the Greens candidate for the federal seat of Canberra and works as the Executive Director of the official Greens think tank, The Greens Institute.

He’s currently working on a book laying out his theory of “ecological politics”; a a self-organising democracy grounded in the natural world and connection. Tim wants a politics seeks to go beyond the neoliberal capitalist status quo, rejects the far-right’s “solutions” and avoids what he considers to be the limits of socialism. We discuss the details of Tim’s theory, as well as his reflections on the Greens’ strategy around Kevin Rudd’s CPRS, how fossil fuel companies killing off the possibilities of climate action, decentralising power and why consensus decision making isn’t centrism.

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WE ARE ALL IN THIS will be at the Brisbane Comedy Festival in August

There’s an encore Sydney show of WE ARE ALL IN THIS on August 20th

My two shows at Chapel Off Chapel have been rescheduled to August 27th & 28th



Tim’s writing at The Guardian

OPINION PIECE: The End Of The World As We Know It by Tim Hollo

OPINION PIECE: Tim Hollo on an ecological democracy where “everything is connected” and embedded in nature 

Cause of the Week: IndigenousX (indigenousx.com.au)

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Live Recording @ Chapel Off Chapel


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Melbourne mates, I’m doing two shows at the lovely Chapel Off Chapel, one of which is going to be filmed for a thing.

They’re happening on Friday August 28th & Saturday 29th. Please come along yes yes.


Come watch Tom fix everything by yelling his best jokes in a nice room in front of cameras. Please.


“A true barbarian.”

– Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun


“Much of his stand up is about as funny as listening to a recording of one of Joe Stalin’s four-hour rants.”

– Gerard Henderson, The Australian


“It’s an hour of absolutely hilarious white-hot rage.★★★★★ 

– Time Out


“Has as a frankly ridiculous ability to hit all his marks and deftly detonate every punchline. ★★★★½ 

– The Age


“Ballard delivers an absolute comedy masterclass.★★★★★”

– Beat


“Unrelenting and uproarious.★★★★½ 

– Chortle [UK]


Hello. It’s my new show for 2021 and it will officially restore comedy.

In this time of fire, plague and the stupid internet, “we” are “all” “in this” “together” (?).

In 2019, Tom sold out shows all over the world, received critical acclaim and annoyed a lot of Baby Boomers on Facebook. In 2020, he took some time off and wrote a book.

Now he has a brand-new show full of jokes about our cooked planet, the bad people in power and his sex life. Plus some outrage.

“A blistering hour of motor-mouthed, slick-as-black-ice comedy.” ★★★★½ Herald Sun

“Will have you laughing til it hurts.” ★★★★½ The Age



MARCH 24th to APRIL 18th  




MAY 7th & 8th




MAY 29th




AUGUST 3rd to 8th

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Book here.