Got to help out with this fun campaign encouraging people to hold their own BOOMERVENTION to convince the Boomers in their lives to vote for a future that isn’t on fire this election.

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From COVID to capitalism, watch Tom Ballard try to fix everything by yelling his horrible jokes in a beautiful venue.

“One of the most fearless and hilarious voices in Australian comedy” – Wil Anderson

“An hour of absolutely hilarious white-hot rage. ★★★★★ ” – Time Out “A true barbarian.” – Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun

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252 – Jim Casey

Jim Casey is a firefighting unionist, socialist and co-founder of the Australian Firefighters Climate Alliance. He is an anti-capitalist GREENS EXTREMIST who has twice run as a candidate against Anthony Albanese in the seat of Grayndler.

As he gears up to run for Greens preselection to be an upper-house candidate in the 2023 NSW state election, Jim took some time to talk to me about his time leading the Fire Brigade Employees Union,  the state of the Australian labour movement, his theories on why real political power lies outside of parliament and the controversies he ran into when taking on “Albo”.

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My special “ENOUGH” is out on Paramount+ this Friday


ARTICLE: We’ve Never Seen Conditions As Bad As This by Jim Casey 

 ARTICLE: Anthony Albanese: Labor heavyweight’s Greens rival Jim Casey defends “Trotskyist” speech

Cause of the Week: Rachael Jacobs, Greens Candidate for Grayndler (support her here)


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My Stand-Up Special “ENOUGH” is coming to Paramount+ April 1st

Good and joyful news announced (via TV Tonight)

Four new stand-up comedy specials will screen on Paramount+.

Peter Helliar, Geraldine Hickey, Nath Valvo and Tom Ballard all perform shows at Prahran’s historic Chapel Off Chapel venue…

Tom Ballard’s had Enough. He’s had enough of COVID, anti-vaxxers, being lonely, culture wars, the super wealthy, capitalism and Baby Boomers. He’s over it. But he’s determined to fix all these things by yelling horrible jokes about them in a beautiful venue. Ballard’s fearless, he’s unrelenting and he is at his white-hot rage best in Enough.

Friday April 1 on Paramount+.

251 – Georgia Steele

Georgia Steele is a former corporate litigator and now independent candidate running in the NSW seat of Hughes at the upcoming federal election. (The seat’s currently held by former Liberal MP, now United Australia Party TRUTH-TELLER Craig Kelly.)

In this conversation I discuss with Georgia Kelly’s bizarro mind and political career, why she thinks the people of Hughes deserves better, the issues that she’s campaigning on, her rejection of political ideology and her thoughts on why the two-party system is failing.

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I’m making a cool TV show in lutruwita with Kates McLennan & McCartney


ARTICLE: Ex-lawyer Georgia Steele to run as independent in Craig Kelly’s seat during federal election

LISTEN: Our Serious Danger episode on the “teal wave” of independents running in the upcoming election

Cause of the Week: The Family Co (

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Stoked to be part of this new scripted comedy feminist noir murder mystery show Deadloch, from the kinds of Kates McLennan & McCartney.

Production has begun in Tasmania, Australia on “Deadloch,” a noir comedy that will be an Amazon original series.

The story is set in the once sleepy seaside hamlet of Deadloch and begins after a man’s dead body is found on the beach. Two female detectives are thrown together to solve the case, one fastidious, the other a more rough and ready type from out of town. Along with an over-eager junior they have to pool forces to solve the case while the town is putting on its annual crafts, culture and cooking festival.

The eight-part show was conceived by comedy duo Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan and will star Kate Box (“Fires,” “Wentworth”), Madeleine Sami “The Breaker Upperers”), Alicia Gardiner (“Wakefield”) and Nina Oyama (“Utopia”), as well as an ensemble cast.

“Deadloch” is to be directed between February and May by acclaimed Australian directors Ben Chessell (“The Great,” “Giri/Haji”), Gracie Otto (“The Moth Effect,” “Seriously Red”) and Beck Cole (“Black Comedy,” “Wentworth”). Production is by Andy Walker (“Rosehaven,” “The Kettering Incident”) for Prime Video, Guesswork Television and OK Great Productions.

It was written by McCartney and McLennan along with Kim Wilson, Christian White, Anchuli Felicia King, Kristy Fisher and Sami. McCartney and McLennan are also set as showrunner-producers. Fiona McConaghy is co-producer. While executive producer credits go to McCartney, McLennan, Kevin Whyte and Tanya Phegan.

The “Deadloch” cast is fleshed out by Tom Ballard, Susie Youssef (“Rosehaven”), Pamela Rabe (“Wentworth”), Kris McQuade (“Rosehaven”), Duncan Fellows (“The Letdown”), Harvey Zielinski (“Don’t Look Deeper”), Shaun Martindale (“The Tailings”), Katie Robertson (“Five Bedrooms”), Nick Simpson-Deeks (“Winners & Losers”), Mia Morrissey (“Home and Away”), Leonie Whyman (“Dark Place”) and Mick Davies (“Rosehaven”) with Holly Austin, Kartanya Maynard and Naarah.

You can read the full story on Variety here.