51 – Somayra Ismailjee


Here’s another guest I managed to snag whilst in Perth: 17-year-old (!!!) writer and visual artist Somayra Ismailjee.

Somayra is of Karen, Gujarati and Kashmiri heritage and has written for Right Now, New Matilda, Media Diversified, Junkee and many other publications on matters of race, political correctness, Islamaphobia, queer rights and Charlie Hebdo. Here we cover everything from Coldplay and cultural appropriation to the power of the UPF in Perth to trigger warnings and orientalism. Plus Somayra was even kind enough to teach me a new word.

The World Keeps Happening is in Adelaide now, coming to Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney

Boundless Plains To Share at MICF 2016

An Open Letter from 100 Australian Comedians Saying #LetThemStay


Article: “Australian Muslim is not an oxymoron”

Causes of the Week: Indigenous Literacy Foundation (indigenousliteracyfoundation.org.au), RISE – Refugees, Survivors & Ex-Detainees (riserefugee.org)


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Comedy Store Nov 19th, 20th & 21st

I’m headlining the Store this week, HUUUUGE line-up featuring:

Mike Goldtstein (USA)
Rhys Nicholson (Fri & Sat Only)
El Jaguar (MEXICO)
Clint Paddison
Dilruk Jayasinha
Tommy Dassalo
Karl Chandler
Simon Taylor

Hot dang. You can book tickets to this chuckle bonanza here.



In this great new series from Giant Dwarf theatre, music nerdlings get to sit down with their musical heroes and gush their love for them and request them to play their favourite songs and gush some more, all in front of a live audience.

On Wednesday November 18th, I’ll be sitting down with the master of twee wordplay himself, Darren “Dazza Hazza” Hanlon.

I’m so excited for this and hope that if you’re a Hanlonian like me, you’ll be able to make it. Tickets are on sale here and do get in quick: the first instalment with Zan Rowe and Paul Dempsey completely sold out.


In Conversation with RJ Mitte

RJ “Walt Jr./Flynn White” Mitte is coming to speak in Melbourne and I’m going to do my best to facilitate his Q&A without blushing too much.

RJ is not only an actor but an activist and champion for people living with disabilities and I’m really excited to hear what he’s going to talk about.

The event’s happening at 7:30pm on Wednesday 14th October at the Athenaeum Theatre. You can book tickets here.