ABC 702’s Thank God It’s Friday


I got to tell jokes alongside Richard Glover and Frank Woodley and Tommy Dean on the radio and it was good wholesome fun, except when I used the phrase “manpon”.

It’s up online here for you.

I Helped. You’re Welcome.

So my super-rad friends Mel Buttle and Patience Hodgson have a delicious podcast called The Minutes. It is lovely.

They also have an off-shoot podcast called You’re Welcome where they get people to answer listener’s questions and give advice. I got to do it and you can listen to it for free here if you like.

Me On The Little Dum Dum Club


I got to go on The Little Dum Dum Club podcast with my very nice’n’funny friends, Tommy Dassalo, Karl Chandler and Anne Edmonds.

It was pretty tense there at the start, but we ended up having a rollicking good time.

You can check it out on iTunes here or on non-iTunes here. You can order sweet Dum Dum Club T-shirts like this:

by emailing the dudes on [email protected].


Poor Chris Podcast

I’ve started a podcast with my nice (if somewhat unlucky) friend Chris Leben (pictured above in cartoon form). It’s called Poor Chris and it’s all about how things don’t always work out for him and how I make fun of that.

It’s totes free. You can can check it out on podbean here, or via itunes here.