My Interview With Abz From 5ive

In 1998, I bought my first ever record with my own money. It was 5ive‘s debut record, 5ive.

In 2013, triple j let me go interview with Abz on their Greatest Hits Australian tour.

It was fucking awesome.

FOFOP Fonus Episode


Got to pop onto this lovely little podcast and be a Charlie with Wil whilst we were backstage at a show in Sutherland.

We discussed race riots, bushfires and, inevitably, Russell Crowe.

You can listen to it on iTunes here or on the libsyn here.

The Listening Party Podcast


Hey! You can now listen back to a bunch of highlights from the Listening Party shows last year, featuring the likes of Karl Stefanovic, Chris Taylor, Claire Hooper, Tom Tilley, Wil Anderson, Shed Muzak and more, all for free.



I’m on bandcamp! Or…I have a bandcamp!

I’m at the website bandcamp!

I’m going to be putting up little bits and pieces of audio from time to time, a lot of it free. I’ll be uploading highlights of the Listening Party shows I did recently and you’ll be able to buy a recording of my 2011 stand up show Since 1989 for the low-low price of $5.

Also hopefully some big-shot record executive will come across it and pounce on it, convinced that I’m the next big thing in music (even though there won’t be any music on there, really) and he’ll offer me a record deal and I’ll become a star, yeah, that’s right, a STAR, and you’ll see me on rage with my bling and bitches.

For the time being, though – bandcamp!