A Thank You




Oh hai! Just a quick message from Brisbane airport from little ol’ me.

I’m having a super dooper time touring UnAustralian(ish); I really enjoy doing the show, audiences have been bloody lovely and doing a comedy festival whilst not having to get up at 4-fucking-am every day is really quite ideal (sorry Matt Okine).

But I think my favourite part so far has been seeing people’s generosity appear in monetary form at the end of each show. I’m collecting for the tremendous Welcome To Australia on this tour because I think they’re a great cause and it fits in with a lot of the stuff I’m talking about in the show. Win win!

After 15 shows in Adelaide and 6 shows in Brisbane, you lovely kind people have managed to raise overΒ $2919. That’s insane! Insanely good!

I keep getting all the credit from people for this but it’s you guys who are forking out money firstly for a ticket and then for the bucket. So thank you, I appreciate it very much and you can be guaranteed it’s going to good work.