166 – Dr. Craig Emerson

Dr. Craig Emerson is a former Labor MP. In the Rudd and Gillard governments he served as Minister for Trade and Competitiveness, Minister for Tertiary Education and Science and Minister for Small Business. Since leaving parliament, Emerson has run his own economic consultancy firm and in 2019, he co-authored the review into Labor’s election loss along with Jay Weatherill.

In this conversation I ask Craig about the reasons why he studied economics and joined the Labor party, his thoughts on “economic rationalism” (or what we now call neoliberalism), compromise and centrism versus radical policies in the age of the climate crisis, fear campaigns, “international green socialism” and the future prospects of the ALP.

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ARTICLE: The Australian Labor Party’s Official Election Review Learns All The Wrong Lessons by James Clark

Craig singing “Whyalla Wipeout”. Just for old times’ sake. 

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