A new Australian documentary Between a Frock and a Hard Place (Thursday June 18 at 8.30pm), examines the inspiration and social context of the iconic Australian movie The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and highlights the extraordinary change in social attitudes and laws around homosexuality, masculinity and gender over the last 40 years.


Following on immediately from that will be Q&A SPECIAL: BETWEEN A FROCK AND A HARD PLACE.


Guests will include: gay rights activist and author Dennis Altman, entertainer Paul Capsis, broadcaster and journalist Julie McCrossin, President, Christian Democratic Party Rev. Fred Nile, transgender woman Julia Doulman, and student and queer activist, Katherine Hudson.


They’ll be joining host Tom Ballard LIVE on the Q&A panel.



You can watch or download the whole show on the Q&A website.

You can also catch the Monday Conference on “Homosexuality: Rights & Wrongs”, filmed in Mt Isa in 1976, on ABC iView.

Big thanks to everyone on the panel, the incredible team behind the show, the questioners, the studio audience and all youse who tuned in to the show and tweeted/facebooked/yelled at your telly. I’m really proud of the discussion we got to have and hope everyone felt they had a chance to have their say and hopefully hear some new stories and perspectives.

I didn’t get to say “I’ll take that as a comment”, but hey, maybe next time…