247 – Van Badham Returns (on #QAnon)

Van Badham is a playwright, author and activist, and she’s returned to the show to discuss her latest book, QAnon: A Short and Shocking History of Internet Conspiracy Cults.

Here Van lays out precisely what the QAnon conspiracy theory actually is, how it came into existence and how much it has shaped – and continues to shape – politics in the US and here in Australia. We discuss the most bonkers beliefs involved in all this and what the theory’s success tells us about the internet and the failures of the modern Left, and we disagree about what happened to JFK.

Merry Xmas everyone! See you in 2022, when everything will be fixed forever xx

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Van’s book QAnon and On: A Short and Shocking History of Internet Conspiracy Cults

Van’s podcast is The Week on Wednesday

ARTICLE: If your friends or family have fallen for an internet conspiracy cult, here’s what you should do by Van Badham

AN EDITED EXTRACT OF VAN’S BOOK: QAnon: how the far-right cult took Australians down a ‘rabbit hole’ of extremism

Cause of the Week: Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (asrc.org.au)

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