246 – James Button (on Cancel Culture)

James Button is a freelance journalist, ALP member and former speechwriter for the former prime minister Kevin Rudd. He recently wrote a three-part, in-depth series for Nine/Fairfax on “cancel culture”: what it is, why it exists and what it means for the Australian Left.

In this conversation James and I go deep into his argument and the three pieces and try to clarify how this social phenomenon manifests itself when it comes to issues of race, gender, art and politics.  On some fronts we agree, on others I try to push back and challenge some of the common arguments that are wheeled out on this stuff.

It’s long, but (I hope) really worthwhile. TL:DR – class politics is GOOD and we need MORE OF IT PLEASE.

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Read James’ three-part series on cancel culture: 

ARTICLE: The Failure of Occupy is Almost Complete by Freddie deBoer

ARTICLE: Woke politics and power by Waleed Aly 

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