219 – Doug Cameron

Doug Cameron is a former AMWU trade unionist who served as a Labor senator from 2008 to 2019. He’s now retired to Hobart, but still regularly tweets out exactly what he thinks about Australian politics and the state of the ALP.

After a week of leadership speculation, a shadow cabinet reshuffle and a lot of chatter about how progressive people should just shut up and vote Labor no matter what, I found it refreshing to talk to an old-school class warrior like Doug who articulates bold, socialist politics. We talked about his experience as a socialist working in the trade union movement and the ALP, why the party should grow a spine, the Corbyn moment and why he thinks joining the Greens is the “easy way out”.

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Footage of Doug Cameron’s valedictory speech

Transcript of the speech

ARTICLE: Doug Cameron was right all along by Bernard Keane

Floodcast’s episode on the state of Albo and the ALP, Damp Warm Lettuce

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