217 – Amy MacMahon

Oh hello. Happy New Year.

Amy MacMahon is the new Greens member for the Queensland state seat of South Brisbane after unseating Labor’s Jackie Trad at the 2020 election.

Amy tells me how her politics were informed by her experiences in Bangladesh and her mum’s stroke of a few years ago. We discuss what running on a socialist platform looks like in Australia today, that stupid “Mean Girls” tweet scandal, what the ALP has become and how the Greens can reach out to the labour movement, as well as the Greens’ priorities for Queensland in the year ahead.

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ARTICLE: How a ‘Mean Girls’ Quote Became a Stupid QLD Election Scandal 

Amy’s response to the “Means Girls” quote nonsense

Young Greens’ panel: Should the Greens embrace socialism?

ARTICLE: Thousands sign petition to investigate historic Aboriginal land sale (Deebing Creek) 

Cause of the Week: Mums 4 Refugees (mums4refugees.org)

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