216 – JR Hennessy

It’s the final ep for 2020! Thank heavens etc.

JR Hennessy is a Sydney-based writer whose work has appeared in The Guardian, The Monthly and The Outline. He’s the current editor for Business Insider Australia and he is smart and funny.

I wanted to take to James about his thoughts on the wonders of 2020 and what (if anything) we can take from it. We discuss it all: people who consider politicians and health experts their friends, winning fights on the computer, “experts”, OnlyFans, “dropshipping”, logging off, whether the Millennial socialism moment is over and finding some hope for the Left in a post-COVID world.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/It’s Over, everyone.

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JR’s writing at The Outline

JR’s writing at The Monthly 

ARTICLE: Who the hell cares what old people think about climate change?

ARTICLE: World will be the same but worse after banal virus says Houellebecq

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