197 – Dave Donovan

Dave Donovan is the founder and editor of Independent Australia, a progressive journal focussed on Australian federal politics, democracy and economics.

In a time of a declining media industry slashing jobs left right and centre, I think supporting independent Australian media is vital, and I for one find it refreshing to read explicitly progressive takes on the news in IA. Here Dave talks about his background in the Republican movement, just how much neoliberalism has reshaped Australia over the past 40 years, class confusion, the overwhelming conservatism of Australian media and the attacks on the ABC.

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IA’s coverage of AshbyGate

ARTICLE: Poll finds 62% believe our head of state should be an Aussie

ARTICLE: What is really wrong with the country: 10 years of Quiet Australians by Dave Donovan

ARTICLE: Fox News banned in Canada? by Snopes

ARTICLE: The palace letters: read the full documents from the National Archive here

Cause of the Week: The Federal ICAC Now Party (federalicacnow.org)

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