176 – Sean Kelly

Hello! This week’s ep is a bit early: my plan is to (try) to start posting multiple episodes a week if possible. Let’s see how we go.

Sean Kelly is a writer who writes for a range of Australian publications. He’s a former adviser to Prime Ministers Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard.

I’ve always been a fan of Sean’s analysis and writing and was keen to get his thoughts on how COVID-19 is unfolding in Australia, particularly in terms of the Morrison government’s response. We take a look back at how the Coalition has tackled the crisis since January (sometimes okay but generally pretty bad!), why Sean thinks it’s vital we see the modelling the government is relying on, the possibilities of nationalisation, the threat of “disaster capitalism” and how the ALP has responded to this situation.

Please note that just after minutes we finished recording, the government announced the $130 billion JobKeeper economic package.

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Sean’s writing for the Nine Fairfax papers

Sean’s writing for The Monthly

Sean’s writing for The Saturday Paper

ARTICLE: Morrison must give us more detail if we are to trust his judgment by Sean Kelly

ARTICLE: Scott Morrison’s efforts at hazard reduction by Sean Kelly

ARTICLE: After the Coronavirus, Australia and the world can never be the same again by Katharine Murphy

ARTICLE: Scott Morrison’s COVID-19 two-person rule explained from ABC News

ARTICLE: How each state will be enforcing the coronavirus two-person rule on gatherings from midnight from ABC News

Cause of the Week: The Indigenous Literacy Foundation (indigenousliteracyfoundation.org.au)

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