120 – Geoffrey Winters

Geoffrey Winters is a native title lawyer who ran against Tanya Plibersek as the Liberal Party candidate for the seat of Sydney in the 2016 election. He’s a Gamillaroi man who’s openly gay and who regularly appears on ABC’s The Drum.

This is a frank discussion, featuring me trying to get my head around where Geoffrey is coming from as an Indigenous queer man who’s also a conservative. From the marriage equality survey to being in a party alongside people he disagrees with with to being “pragmatic” to what conservatism can offer first nations peoples to what (if anything) would make him consider leaving the Liberals.

I got a lot out of this conversation and Geoffrey was mighty patient with me. I hope you like it.


Donate to the National Compassion Fund to help victims of the Las Vegas shooting


Gay Indigenous Liberal candidate is more than just a wedge

Article: He’s gay, Indigenous and 27, but Geoffrey Winters says he’s the model of a modern Liberal

Young & Black: an SBS documentary  

Cause of the Week: Libs & Nats Say Yes (libsnatsyes.com.au)

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119 – Alex Greenwich MP

Alex Greenwich is an independent MP in the NSW parliament and the National Convenor of Australian Marriage Equality. He’s been campaigning for equal marriage for 10 years now and kindly gave me some of his time to reflect on how the postal survey is going, from the incidence of violence to the notion of “respectful” debate to what will happen if the No side is successful (an annoyingly real possibility).


Find a “Yes” calling party in your area

My piece in the Warrnambool Standard asking my home town to Vote Yes

Equal Love Rally this Sunday Oct 1st at 1pm, State Library Melbourne




Jeff Sparrow’s piece on the campaign: Rainbows not media storms

Sean Kelly’s piece on the campaign: This is not a horse race

Cause of the Week: Get the YES ad back on air

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118 – Owen Jones

Owen Jones is an activist (first) and celebrated writer (second). He’s the author of bestselling books Chavs: The Demonisation of the Working Class and The Establishment And How They Get Away With It, is a regular Guardian columnist and has a cracking YouTube channel. He’s a major Leftist voice in UK politics and quite frankly, I was pretty stoked when he agreed to give me some of his time.

Here we talk about democratic socialism, what Corbyn’s political rise means for that cause, the dangers of centrism and the basics of Brexit. We also touch on what defines the “working class”, being friends with Tories and Owen’s cat.

My latest appearance on The Bugle with Andy Zaltzman & Nish Kumar

My appearance on Kyran Wheatley & Rhys Nicholson’s podcast Save The Date

Australia Says Yes Comedy Gala at the Athenaeum Theatre on Thursday September 21st


Owen’s writing for The Guardian

Agitpod – Owen’s podcast with Ellie Mae O’Hagan

Owen’s piece on centrists attacking Labour moderates 

Owen’s piece reflecting on being wrong about Corbyn

Cause of the Week: The Advocacy Academy (theadvocacyacademy.com

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117 – Ahir Shah

Acclaimed comedian and all-round nice guy Ahir Shah was just nominated for the big award at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for his passionate, insightful and hilarious show Control. It’s a brilliant treatise on the fallout of Brexit and Trump and humankind’s inability to learn from its past mistakes.

Here Ahir tells me about how the racist debate surrounding Brexit affected him personally, why he couldn’t vote for Jeremy Corbyn in this year’s election, the “economic anxiety” argument used to explain demonstrations of racism, being friends with conservatives and punching Nazis.

Problematic is at the Soho Theatre until this Saturday September 9th

Listen to my live episode of The Bugle with Al Murray

Unity: A Benefit Show for Australian Marriage Equality 



An interview with Ahir on Control

Article: One of Labour’s new rising stars talks class, Westminster and the enemy 

Cause of the Week: British Red Cross South Asian Flood Appeal

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116 – Geoff Norcott

Geoff Norcott is a rare thing indeed: an (openly) right-wing comedian. His recent stand up shows have explored his working class background and his conservative politics and they’ve been mighty funny.

This was a fascinating discussion about Goeff’s thoughts on capitalism, right-wing politics in comedy, Brexit, immigration, outrage, Corbyn, Brixton and personal responsibility.

Problematic is on at the Edinburgh Fringe 2017 now! 8:30pm at the Pleasance Courtyard

Problematic is coming to London’s Soho Theatre, starts August 29th

Help deported “Sanjay” start again


Right Leaning But Well Meaning is at #EdFringe now


BBC Two’s The Mash Report

Cause of the Week: Medicins Sans Frontieres (msf.org.uk)

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115 – Sally Rugg

What better week to talk about Australia and marriage equality lolololol

Sally Rugg is an out and proud campaign director at GetUp! calling for queer rights. She’s been leading the marriage equality campaign for a while now (it regularly makes her “wake up tearing her hair out”) and this week the movement has seen another ridiculous setback.

This chat was recorded a few weeks ago but I think it’s a really important insight into where we’re at in Australia with the marriage equality debate and the underlying issues around it. From the ACL to the stupidity of the plebiscite to what it all says about our politics, Sally is frank and passionate about this cause and makes it very clear that she won’t be stopping until this discrimination is removed from the Marriage Act.

Problematic is on at the Edinburgh Fringe 2017 now! 8:30pm at the Pleasance Courtyard

Problematic is coming to London’s Soho Theatre, starts August 29th

Transcripts of Trump’s phone call with Turnbull

My video for Junkee on the “deaths at sea” argument


Opinion: We are angry and heartbroken at the prospect of a plebiscite campaign but we are more powerful than ever

Opinion: The campaign against Safe Schools was never about concern for kids

Article: Australians have 15 days to enrol to vote in postal plebiscite

Opinion: Prejudice and Violence Are Learned, And In 2016 They Poured Down From The Top

Article: The rules against malicious campaign material will not apply to same-sex marriage postal vote

A profile on Peter and Bon

Article: The fight after marriage equality

Opinion: Abbott’s obstruction of gay marriage is a defence of privilege and the power of shame by David Marr

Cause of the Week: Twenty10 (twenty10.org.au)

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114 – Mark Di Stefano

Mark Di Stefano is the outgoing political editor at BuzzFeed Australia.

This is a frank chat where we both air our grievances about the shitty state of Australian politics, media and debate at the moment. From the cosy relationship between the press and the political class, the plethora of pundits who never get their comeuppance for being wrong to the good ol’ fashioned outrage industry.

Also Mark explains what the Milkshake Duck is. I am old and uncool.

Problematic is on at the Edinburgh Fringe 2017 now! 8:30pm at the Pleasance Courtyard

Problematic is coming to London’s Soho Theatre, starts August 29th


What A Time To Be Alive: That and Other Lies of the 2016 Campaign by Mark Di Stefano

Australia’s News Channel and What It Learned From Fox News by Mark

Cause of the Week: Copwatch (huffed.org/project/copwatchnjp)

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113 – Caroline Marcus (Live)

Caroline Marcus is the “Political Reporter for the People” for Sky News and an opinion columnist for The Daily Telegraph.

Caroline joined me live onstage at the Giant Dwarf theatre in Redfern in front of a lively crowd on Wednesday July 12th. We touch on the media landscape, bias, identity politics and her experience reporting on the Australian detention centres on Nauru for A Current Affair. Our disagreement occasionally got heated, but I really appreciated the chance to explore this stuff with Caroline in detail.

A huge thank you to the Giant Dwarf for having us.

You can hear the first episode recorded on the night with Tanya Plibersek here.

Problematic is coming to Edinburgh Fringe 2017, starts August 2nd

Problematic is coming to London’s Soho Theatre, starts August 29th


Article: If you disagree with me, you’re a racist 

Article: Why are activists so afraid of the truth about Nauru?

A Current Affair: Inside Nauru’s Detention Centre

My episodes on cultural appropriation with Gay AlcornYassmin Abdel-Magied 

Cause of the Week: Lifeline (lifeline.org.au)

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