89 – Lara Jeffery


Lara Jeffery is the director of MyChoice Australia and describes herself as a right-wing libertarian. She’s all about pushing back against the “nanny state”, reducing the size of government and letting the free market do what it does.

Here we discuss how she came to this worldview and how that plays out in relation to education, healthcare, social justice, housing, smoking, the environment and more. We also cover the legacy of Ayn Rand, claiming the moral ground and Uber.

Boundless Plains To Share is coming to Perth Fringeworld for 2 shows only!

I’m bringing a Work In Progress to Fringeworld from Tuesday January 31st

I’m also touring to Adelaide Fringe, Brisbane Comedy Festival & the Melbourne Comedy Festival




Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance forum: Women In Politics

Cause of the Week: Students For Liberty Australia & New Zealand (studentsforliberty.org/anz)

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88 – Sally Goldner


Happy 2017 everyone!

Sally Goldner is the Executive Director of Transgender Victoria, the treasurer of the Bisexual Alliance Victoria and the first ever trans woman to be included on the Victorian Women’s Honour Roll.

Here she kindly shares her personal journey from the “soulless life” she lived for 30 years to the defiant person she is today. She lays out the challenges facing gender diverse folk, including the discrimination that often comes from within the queer community itself, outlines her thoughts on everything from identity politics to Cate McGregor and argues for the queer rights movement to take a more assertive and uncompromising approach to those who oppose us.

Boundless Plains to Share is on this weekend at the Belvoir Theatre, 4 shows only

And Boundless is coming to Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane & Melbourne in the coming months, on sale now

My new stand up show Problematic is coming to Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane & Melbourne, on sale now

My piece for Fairfax: A brand new Dutton-worthy citizenship test, with extra values


Article: Sally Goldner lands top award for her dedication to transgender advocacy

Article: A ten point guide to not offending transgender people

Cause of the Week: Transgender Victoria (transgendervictoria.com), 3CR (3cr.org.au), Bisexual Alliance Victoria (bi-alliance.org)

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87 – Adam Bandt (Live)


The Greens MP for Melbourne Adam Bandt joined me for the first ever live instalment of LIASYO.

Recorded in Collingwood on Sunday afternoon at the Easy Street Concert Hall in Collingwood, Melbourne, this discussion examines how Adam, the only Greens MP ever elected to the House of Representatives, is feeling at the end of what has been, largely, a shitty year for progressive causes.

An eternal optimist, Adam picks apart Turnbull’s legacy, parliament’s effectiveness, Trumpism, neoliberalism, the future of the Greens and how progressives can get better at winning. He even manages to find some good news in all of this.

AND he tells a great story about getting a voicemail from Tony Abbott. AND he tells us what he admires about Christopher Pyne.

This will be the final ep for the year, I’m going to have a break and cry more and drink beer and get sunburnt and think more about the revolution. Never fear: the show shall return in 2017. Thanks for everything, y’all.


My 2017 stand up show Problematic is coming to Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney

Boundless Plains To Share is coming to Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane & Melbourne

Article: Why First Contact was a ratings opportunity for SBS and a bonanza for bigots by Celeste Liddle

Article: When Indigenous Australia becomes entertainment, everybody loses by Jack Latimore



Article: People Ask Us Why We Protested In Parliament For Refugees. We Ask, Why Didn’t You? by Mara Bonacci, Sam Castro, Kat Moore & Kerry Woodward

Article: Greens in radical new drug legalisation push by Adam Gartrell

Article: Without some serious soul-searching, the Greens will never move beyond the 10% plateau by Osman Faruqi

Cause of the Week: Sea Shepherd Australia (seashepherd.org.au)

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86 – First Contact Episode 2 Reaction (with Nayuka Gorrie)


Nayuka Gorrie returns to unpack Episode 2 of First Contact with me. It’s bloody tough going as the episode looks at overcrowded housing and poverty in the NT town of Elliott and survivors of the Stolen Generation.

What does the airing of this show actually mean for Indigenous Australians? Why do some react to the stories of the Stolen Generation with blatant denialism? How can non-Indigenous people (try to) be better allies?

The World Keeps Happening is being filmed for Stan at the Comedy Theatre this Saturday December 3rd

Watch Episode 2 on SBS On Demand here

“It Throws Black People Under The Bus”: Black Reactions to First Contact by Nayuka & Paul Gorrie

First Contact: Poverty Porn And Trauma TV, With Bonus Celebrities by Amy McQuire

First Contact interview: Ray Martin


A story on Richard Campbell’s beautiful art is here

Cause of the Week: Indigenous Literacy Foundation (indigenousliteracyfoundation.org.au)

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85 – First Contact Episode 1 Reaction (with Nayuka Gorrie)


Episode 1 of First Contact has arrived.

The kind Nayuka Gorrie joined me for a viewing of the show and to share her thoughts. We discuss #DefineAboriginal, the difficulty in making a show like this and the issues and attitudes it exposes.

Watch Episode 1 on SBS demand here

Read my piece for Guardian Australia on the show here

Hear my previous episode with Nayuka here


Check out some discussion of the show from Indigenous voices on the NITV website here

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84 – Jamila Rizvi


Jamila Rizvi is a writer, commentator, former Labor staffer and political junkie. She was raised in Canberra by her immigrant public service parents, joined the Labor Party at 18 and has worked for the Rudd and Gillard governments.

In this frank and funny chat, Jamila reflects on her political pragmatism, the “Labor tragedy” that was the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd years and what her passionate exchange with Steve Price on The Project revealed to her about trolls, debate and PC.

The World Keeps Happening is being filmed for Stan at the Comedy Theatre on Saturday December 3rd

First Contact series 2 starts Tuesday November 29th on SBS



Jamila’s writing on Mamamia

Jamila’s writing on news.com.au

change.org petition: Call for The Project to apologise to Steve Price live on air 

A message to Steve Price and his supporters: grow up and get over it by Clementine Ford

Cause of the Week: CARE Australia (care.org.au)

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83 – Timothy Rosenberger


On the dancefloor at Mardi Gras this year, I met Tim Rosenberger. He is a gay, conservative, Republican law grad from Ohio. And he has supported Donald Trump’s candidacy for President of the United States. That candidacy was successful. And now we’re here.

Here I have a lengthy chat with Tim via Skype about why he thinks Trump and Pence will be good for LGBTIQ+ Americans, racial politics, “pussy-gate”, the electoral college, Clinton, climate change PC, identity politics and much more. I listened. It was hard and frustrating. But useful. I hope. #MAGA

The World Keeps Happening is being filmed for Stan at the Comedy Theatre on Saturday December 3rd

Boundless Plains To Share at Belvoir Theatre in January 2017

Boundless Plains to Share at Adelaide Fringe in February 2017



Article: Aftermath – 16 writers on Trump’s America in The New Yorker

Article: Trump warms to Electoral College, 4 Years After Calling it a “Disaster For Democracy”

Article: Reports of anti-LGBTQ extremists tapped for major roles on President-Elect Trump’s transition

Article: Trump’s Muslim register database – an explainer on Vox

Article: The Democrats are screwing up the resistance to Donald Trump by Jamelle Bouie

Article: Bursting the Facebook bubble – we asked voters on the left and right to swap feeds

Article: Virginia’s governor restores voting rights for 13,000 felons

Article: China will soon trump America: the country is now the global leader in climate change reform 

Article: Trump in the White House – an interview with Noam Chomsky

Cause of the Week: Safe Schools Coalition (safeschoolscoalition.org.au), Log Cabin Republicans (logcabin.org)

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82 – Neil & Judy Ballard


In these times of uncertainty and fear, I speak to my mum and dad.

Neil and Judy tell me about their political beliefs, the changes they’ve seen in their lifetime, what they make of the election of Donald Trump and how they think progressive change can happen.

I learnt and laughed a lot. I hope you enjoy it.

The World Keeps Happening is being filmed for Stan at the Comedy Theatre on Saturday December 3rd

Boundless Plains To Share at Belvoir Theatre in January 2017

Boundless Plains to Share at Adelaide Fringe in February 2017

Article: Where the Devil is in the Detail by Julian Burnside 

Like I’m A Six-Year-Old LIVE! with Adam Bandt, Sunday December 4th

Article: Stop asking me to empathize with the white working class by Kali Holloway

Article: Neoliberalism: the deep story that lies beneath Donald Trump’s triumph by George Monbiot

Article: We need to understand why Trump won to stop it happening again by Osman Faruqi

Cause of the Week: Amnesty International (amnesty.org.au)

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81 – A Special Post-Trump Episode


It happened. Donald J. Trump is going to be the next President of the United States.

I am very sad.

I don’t know about you, but I want to help. I want to make things better.

Support queer rights by donating to allout.org

Support refugees by donating to UNHCR Australia

Support the fight against climate change by donating to 350.org 

Support gender equality by donating to Emily’s List Australia

Slate’s Trumpcast

The Republic Repeals Itself by Andrew Sullivan

It was the rise of the Davos class that sealed America’s fate by Naomi Klein

Democrats, Trump, and the Ongoing, Dangerous Refusal to Learn the Lesson of Brexit by Glenn Greenwald

The Terrorists Have Won – Keith Olbermann

The US has elected its most dangerous leader. We all have plenty to fear by Jonathan Freedland

Stephen Colbert tries to make sense of all this


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80 – Nur Warsame


Nur Warsame is Australia’s first openly gay imam.


He’s an incredible man with a fascinating story that I think is really important to hear. If you’re like me and want to call out and stand up against any religious bigotry towards queer people BUT you also don’t want to pile on to the current shitstorm of Islamophobia that’s swirling around this country at the moment, there’s a lot to be learnt here from Nur. Here we discuss his journey to coming out publicly, what it’s cost him, how he reconciles his faith with his sexuality and how we can have better conversations about this stuff.

The World Keeps Happening is being filmed for Stan at the Comedy Theatre on Saturday December 3rd

Boundless Plains To Share at Belvoir Theatre in January 2017

Boundless Plains to Share at Adelaide Fringe in February 2017

Meet Australia’s First Openly Gay Imam on SBS’s The Feed

Article: Nur Warsame: Australia’s First Openly Gay Imam

Article: The secret mosques opening their doors to LGBTI Muslims

Nur on SBS’s Insight: How Do People Make High Stakes Decisions? 

Fields of Blood: Religion & The History of Violence by Karen Armstrong

Article: New national snapshot finds 60% of Australians would be concerned if a relative married a Muslim 

Article: Half of all British Muslims think homosexuality should be illegal, poll finds

Cause of the Week: Marhaba (@marhaba_Melb)

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