An Australian Odyssey

I got to work with Radio National‘s Radiotonic program to adapt my 2014 stand up show UnAustralian(ish) for the radio. We even got actual kids to read out the actual diary entries of myself and my older brother Gavin.

I’m really proud of how it turned out and would love you to take a listen here.


I Love Green Guide Letters LIVE @ Meredith Music Festival


Last year I was foolish enough to be involved in a live recording of Steele Saunders‘ I Love Green Guide Letters podcast at the Meredith Music Festival.

It was downright silly and brought shame upon my family.

This year, Steele couldn’t make it to the festival but Tommy Dassalo was adamant that the tradition should be upheld. So we did this.

I apologise unreservedly.



Listen: Giant Dwarf Radio



So a bunch of friends indulged me and helped me put on a night of old-timey radio at the Giant Dwarf Theatre.

Listen back to our shenanigans and some awesome performances from Shed Muzak and Elana Stone here:


I Love GG Letters Live

Always love doing Steele Saunders‘ podcast and even more so with a live audience. Sarah Harris from Studio 10 was a bloody great sport and Bart Freebairn was, as always, batshit mental and hilarious. 

Grab it for free hereeeeeeee.

Out of the Box on fbi radio

An absolute joy to chat to Ash Berdebes on her Out of the Box show on fbi radio about my life and songs I like and so on. 

You can listen back and download the show here if you like.