238 – Felicity Ruby

Felicity Ruby is a former Greens staffer, current PhD candidate at the University of Sydney and longtime friend and supporter of Julian Assange.

In the wake of revelations from Yahoo! News that Trump’s CIA floated plans to kidnap and kill Assange after Wikileaks’ “Vault 7” revelations in 2017, I wanted to talk to Flick about Assange’s plight and its political ramifications. We discuss what kind of a person Julian Assange is, his mission, his trial, the misconceptions that continue to swirl around him and the insane paranoia of Western intelligence agencies (aka our lovely allies).

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ARTICLE: Kidnapping, assassination and a London shoot out: Inside the CIA’s secret war plans against Wikileaks

ARTICLE: End Game by Scott Ludlam 

Flick’s writing on Assange at Arena Magazine

ARTICLE: What it’s like to be targeted by the CIA and its mates

EVENT: Raucos Anti-AUKUS Caucus discussion this Thursday October 7th at 7pm

Juice Media’s Honest Government Ad about AUKUS

Cause of the Week: The Courage Foundation (couragefound.org)

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