214 – Ed Miller

Ed Miller is the Economic Fairness Campaigns Director at the progressive activist group GetUp!.

I wanted to chat to Ed about where GetUp! is at these days; the attacks being made on it by the Murdoch media, its recent wins and failures and its more explicitly anti-capitalist campaigning that I’ve been noticing recently. We discuss the way GetUp! works, why conservatives hate it, the power of its members and why Australian politics’ obsession with “debt and deficits” has limited our political imagination.

We also had a (quick) crack at discussing Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and why it matters.

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My 100th episode with GetUp! director Paul Oosting from 2017



The People’s Recovery – GetUp!’s policy vision

The Australian editorial: Every dollar you donate to GetUp! is a waste of money

ARTICLE: GetUp!’s MMT push in Australia “fraught with danger”

ARTICLE: Captain GetUp: conservative group’s satirical superhero debuts to ridicule 

A piece from MMT economists on inflation in the FT

A video explainer on the basics of MMT

Luke McGregor explains MMT

Ed’s interview with MMT economist Stephanie Kelton for GetUp!’s Future to Fight For podcast 

Cause of the Week: Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network (seedmob.org.au)


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