203 – “Aysha” On The Kashmiri Conflict

“Aysha” (not her real name) is a Kashmiri activist who advocates for the rights of those suffering under the Indo-Pakistan-Chinese conflict in her home country.

I’ve previously known very little about the situation in Kashmir and was grateful to Aysha for giving me a crash-course history lesson on the conflict and the 2019 escalation of tensions by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. We discussed the nature of India’s occupation, the possibilities of democracy in the region, the effects of COVID-19 and what others can do.

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Kashmir: Explained by Vox Media (good summary of the history of the conflict)

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ARTICLE: Kashmir crisis: India’s latest steps expose deep fault lines in Australia’s Indian and Pakistani communities 

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ARTICLE: Does Australia have the courage to challenge India’s defiance over Kashmir? by Lee Rhiannon

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Cause of the Week: Stand With Kashmir Australia (Facebook page)


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