126 – Giordano Nanni (The Juice Media)

Giordano Nanni is a historian and satirist and the driving force behind The Juice Media.

He was the co-creator of the hugely successful Rap News series which has tallied millions of views and featured cameos from the likes of Noam Chomsky and Julian Assange and since 2016 he’s been collaborating in his lounge room with his partner Lucy and actors Ellen and Zoe to make the very-funny-and-extremely-on-point Honest Government Ads series. The series has tackled everything from net neutrality to East Timor to the arms trade to Australia Day and they make me laugh and they make me angry.

Here Giordano and I have a bloody lovely chat about the story of The Juice, how history forms his politics, working with Assange and Chomsky and how doing satire could potentially see him sent to prison for five years. Funny stuff!

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