110 – Human Rights & Populism: An Amnesty Panel

This week I’m bringing some highlights from a panel I chaired last week for Amnesty International Australia entitled Defending Human Rights In A Time Of Heightened Populism.

The panel included refugee rights advocates Andre Dao and Aran Mylvaganam, Indigenous lawyer Meena Singh and businesswoman and social activist Hana AssafiriClaire Mallinson, the National Director of Amnesty Australia, was also on the panel, but unfortunately due to audio issues I haven’t been able to include her here.

I thought this was a really enlightening discussion on the way that populist politics affects our conception of human rights and plays into public debate. We reflected on what does and doesn’t work for human rights advocacy in the face of populism, the death of facts and reason, persuasive storytelling and the impact of the Murdoch media on this conversation.

Please bear with the audio: I guarantee you it’s worth it.

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Cause of the Week: Amnesty International Australia (amnesty.org.au)

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