109 – Samantha Ratnam

Samantha Ratnam is a social worker and Greens politician who’s currently serving as the Deputy Mayor of Moreland City Council. She’s previously served as Mayor in Moreland and in 2016 ran as the Greens candidate for the federal seat of Wills, losing out to Labor MP Peter Khalil.

This is a great insight into local politics and why Sam’s passionate about it, particularly its ability to inspire change by example. We also cover the situation in Sri Lanka and how that’s informed Sam’s attitude towards conflict and multiculturalism, how Australia’s approach to race feels like it’s going backwards and the future of the Australian Greens.

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Samantha’s Greens profile

Article: The Mental Trauma We’re Inflicting On Asylum Seekers Is Entirely Preventable by Samantha Ratnam

Article: Taking A Stand, a profile on Samantha 

Article: Meet the Mayor of Moreland

Article: Greens candidate pulls out of anti-racism protest over violence fears

Cause of the Week: The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (asrc.org.au), plasticbagfreevictoria.org 

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