hello there! my name’s tom and i’m an australian comedian just trying to find his way in this crazy world.

i used to cohost the triple j breakfast show, tom & alex, i do quite a bit of live stand up, and i currently get to host reality check on abc tv.

welcome to my website. here you can find out a little bit more about me, read my blog, check out any upcoming gigs i may have, sign up to the mailing list and just generally have a good time.

if at any point you feel bored or disinterested in this site’s content and would prefer the excitement and giddy thrills of youtube or online pornography, i suggest opening some new tabs and having the best of both worlds.


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Latest News

Giant Dwarf Radio


Very excited about this event I’m putting together for Giant Dwarf in Sydney.

You can grab tickets here.

(Big thanks to Justine Morrison for the poster design)

Here’s the sizzle:

Tom Ballard (triple j, ABC TV’s Reality Check) loves big melodramatic stories and funny voices but can’t be arsed putting on a hat, so he decided to put together this night of old-timey radio plays and music.
Behold as three audio adventures are performed live onstage and radio magic is created before your very eyes.
Featuring the minds and voices of
ZAN ROWE (triple j)
CAMERON JAMES & JARED JEKYLL as our Foley Geniuses
musical performances from ELANA STONE and SHED MUZAK
and much more!
It will be thrilling and funny and scary and stupid and a meagre tribute to a lost art of a dying medium.
Plus it’s a Monday night out of the house, so…go on.



I’ll be trying out some BRAND NEW JOKES OH DEAR GOD at Sydney’s Giant Dwarf Theatre on Wednesday November 12th alongside the above awesome folks.

Tickets are just $10 and are available here.


Reality Check Episode 8


That’s it for season 1 of the show! Watch Marion FarrellyJulian Cress and Dicko discuss casting celebrities, the awesome Gogglebox and how to handle a scandal on iView here.

Featuring a special cameo from Brynne Edelsten! 

Cheers so much for watching the show y’all, it’s been a blast, we hope to be back next year.