hello there! my name’s tom and i’m an australian comedian just trying to find his way in this crazy world.

i used to cohost the triple j breakfast show, tom & alex, i do quite a bit of live stand up, and i hosted the show reality check on abc tv.

welcome to my website. here you can find out a little bit more about me, read my blog, check out any upcoming gigs i may have, check out my free podcastsign up to the mailing list and just generally have a good time.

if at any point you feel bored by this site’s content and would prefer the excitement and giddy thrills of youtube or online pornography, i suggest opening some new tabs and having the best of both worlds.



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39 – David Marr (Part One)


Respected journalist and MORTAL ENEMY OF GERARD HENDERSON (not really), David Marr is a self-described “bourgeois do-gooder”. He’s written for Fairfax Media, The MonthlyThe Saturday Paper and Guardian Australia, appeared on Q&AThe Drum and Insiders and is the author of multiple in-depth profiles for the Quarterly Essay.

In this first part of our conversation, David tells me about who Bill Shorten is, Labor and the unions, why Australia is so late to progress, drugs, conservatism and right-wing commentators. Hot dang!

A Very Canberra Comedy Festival Christmas

David’s writing for Guardian Australia

David’s writing for The Saturday Paper

David’s Faction Man: Bill Shorten’s Path To Power

Cause of the Week: Maternity Worldwide (maternityworldwide.org)


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38 – Peter Reith


Peter Reith was a member of John Howard’s cabinet from 1996 to 2001. He served as Minister for Small Business, Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations and the Minister for Defence. He’s perhaps best known for formulating the GST policy and his roles in the 1998 waterfront dispute and the “children overboard” scandal.

Peter’s just released The Reith Papers, an annotated collection of his diary entries during his time in government. Here we got to discuss (and occasionally lock horns over) the notion of humanising politicians, the recent Paris attacks, military action in the Middle East, Australia’s approach to processing refugees and the role of unions in today’s society.

Me in conversation with Darren Hanlon for MyTunes at Giant Dwarf Theatre

A Very Canberra Comedy Festival Christmas



The Reith Papers available from Melbourne University Press

Peter on The Verdict 

Peter on ABC News Breakfast with Virginia Trioli

Cause of the Week: Enterprise Victoria (enterprisevictoria.com.au), the French Red Cross (soutenir.croix-rouge.fr)

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