242 – Sean Kelly (Returns)

Sean Kelly is a writer and journalist, who’s a former adviser to Prime Ministers Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard.

His new book is The Game: A Portrait of Scott Morrison and it’s great/scary/infuriating. With great insight and wit, Sean really tries to get at who our Prime Minister is, what drives, what (if anything) he believes in and what his political success says about us a country. We discuss how Morrison plays the “game” of politics, why he won in 2019 and whether he can be beaten again by the ALP in its current state.

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My last episode with Sean


The Game: A Portrait of Scott Morrison by Sean Kelly at Black Inc

Sean’s writing for Nine Fairfax Media

ARTICLE: Morrison sees votes in anti-Muslim strategy by Lenore Taylor (2011)

ARTICLE: Albanese says he’s in the final quarter, so when is he going to start kicking goals? by Sean Kelly 

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