231 – Tim Hollo

Tim Hollo is a former staffer for the Australian Greens, is the Greens candidate for the federal seat of Canberra and works as the Executive Director of the official Greens think tank, The Greens Institute.

He’s currently working on a book laying out his theory of “ecological politics”; a a self-organising democracy grounded in the natural world and connection. Tim wants a politics seeks to go beyond the neoliberal capitalist status quo, rejects the far-right’s “solutions” and avoids what he considers to be the limits of socialism. We discuss the details of Tim’s theory, as well as his reflections on the Greens’ strategy around Kevin Rudd’s CPRS, how fossil fuel companies killing off the possibilities of climate action, decentralising power and why consensus decision making isn’t centrism.

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Tim’s writing at The Guardian

OPINION PIECE: The End Of The World As We Know It by Tim Hollo

OPINION PIECE: Tim Hollo on an ecological democracy where “everything is connected” and embedded in nature 

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