Stand Up For Mehdi


I’m organising this charity gig during MICF and YOU TOTALLY HAVE TO COME. I can’t tell you the line up but it is A++++ and it’s a bloody damn good cause.

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People become refugees for lots of different reasons.

MEHDI SAVARI lived in Iran. His job was to tell jokes. One day he dared to tell some jokes.

Those jokes put him in danger and he had to escape.

Now he finds himself on Manus Island. He’s been there for more than three years.

Meanwhile in Australia, comedians can take the piss out of the government as much as they like. They’re quite inclined to do so, particularly when that government does things like putting Mehdi on Manus Island.

In this extraordinary event, a stellar line up of the best comedians at the Festival come together to perform in solidarity with Mehdi and all the other victims of Australia’s refugee policies.

This secret line up of champions will be (literally) standing up for justice and for not treating people like dicks. Plus they’ll be raising some much-needed cash for the HUMAN RIGHTS LAW CENTRE: an organisation that fights every single day for the rights and protection of refugees and people seeking asylum.

Hosted by award-winning comedian and aspiring sex symbol TOM BALLARD and featuring the finest comedic talent from Australia and across the world (and maybe even a musical treat or two), STAND UP FOR MEHDI is sure to be a stand out event at MICF 2017. Don’t miss it.

A new Dutton-worthy citizenship test

My piece for Fairfax:

Well boys and girls, it’s January in Australia, and we all know what that means: family holidays, sizzling barbecues and blatant racism. Hooray! What would Australia Day season be without our political leaders wheeling out some sweet nationalism infused with xenophobia?

Why, that would simply be forgetting the reason for the season.

Anti-Immigration Minister Peter Dutton got into the spirit of things this week as he called for a revamp of the citizenship test that prospective Australians have to undertake. “We need to have a look at the way we welcome people into our country,” he said (the phrase “TELL US ABOUT IT!” could be heard echoing around Nauru and Manus Island).

Read it in full here.