97 – Eva Cox AO


Writer, feminist, sociologist, social commentator, activist and postage stamp honouree Eva Cox AO is a remarkable person. A Jewish refugee child, Eva has always been something of an outsider, agitating for change and asking tough questions her entire life.

In this wide-ranging, educational discussion, Eva sums up the philosophy of neoliberalism and argues the case for social capital. We discuss feminism, Islam, the shortcomings of the same-sex marriage movement, identity politics and the Universal Basic Income. I was inspired and educated by this chat; I hope you like it as much as I did.

Problematic is on at the Brisbane Comedy Festival this week

It’s also heading to Melbourne & Sydney

Boundless Plains To Share is on this weekend in Brisbane

It’s coming to Melbourne for 1 show only

Stand Up For Mehdi at MICF 2017

My piece on the abolition of QLD’s “gay panic” law



Bring on the feminist revolution! by Eva on medium.com

Eva’s Wisdom of the Ages piece for The Guardian: Dare To Be Difficult

Article: It’s time to harness angry feminist energy and inject it into welfare policy

A profile on Eva in The Saturday Paper

Eva on The Conversation


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96 – Fin Taylor


Fin Taylor is a British comedian who’s making some fascinating politically-charged work at the moment. I saw his show Whitey McWhite Face at the Edinburgh Fringe last year and it lit a fire under my butt. He made me laugh and think and feel uncomfortable, and that’s all good stuff.

Here we discuss his disillusionment with the Left, his journey to progressive centrism, class, Corbyn, Blair, Clegg, Islamism, white white white privilege/invisibility and political correctness.

Problematic is coming to Hobart for ONE NIGHT ONLY on Wednesday March 15th

It’s also heading to Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney

Boundless Plains To Share is coming to Brisbane (2 shows only) and Melbourne (1 show only)

Stand Up For Mehdi at MICF 2017

Monday night’s episode of Q&A



Article: The Left Are The Right’s Best Friends by Nick Cohen

The Sydney Morning Herald’s profile on The Iraq Dossier

Cause of the Week: The Euston Manifesto (eustonmanifesto.org)

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95 – Kate Ellis MP


Kate Ellis has been the Federal member for the seat of Adelaide since 2004. She was the youngest person ever appointed as a minister in the Australian government, holding a number of portfolios. She’s currently the Shadow Minister for both Early Childhood Education and Development and for TAFE and Vocational Education.

This is a frank, funny and insightful discussion about Kate’s career, the state of politics in this country right now and the changes she’s seen over her 13 years in the job. We talk about everything from Islamophobia and dealing with Neo-Nazis to how Tony Abbott changed the dynamics of politics to the disappointments of the Labor leadership turmoil years. Kate reflects on the purpose of factions, the fracturing of the right side of politics and tells an extraordinary story about the bizarre issue that prompted the most vehement feedback she’s ever received as a sitting member.

PLUS Kate helpfully sets out how she thinks we should talk about debt, early childcare and Labor’s approach to offshore detention of people seeking asylum.

Problematic is coming to Hobart for ONE NIGHT ONLY on Wednesday March 15th

It’s also heading to Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney

Boundless Plains To Share is coming to Brisbane (2 shows only) and Melbourne (1 show only)

Huffington Post long read on “Gay Loneliness”



A 2008 profile on Kate – Her father’s daughter

Article: Tony Abbott takes aim at Turnbull and lays out conservative manifesto

Cause of the Week: The Zahra Foundation (zahrafoundation.org.au)

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94 – Senator Skye Kakoschke-Moore


Senator Skye Kakoschke-Moore was elected as part of the Nick Xenophon Team in the 2016 election.

Now that she’s 7 months in, she reflects on the job in all its glory and its frustrations. Skye talks about what it means to be in the “sensible centre”, why she moved from political staffer to candidate, working with the likes of Cory Bernardi and Pauline Hanson, gambling reform, her views on offshore detention and the government’s proposed visa lifetime ban for people seeking asylum and she even gives some tips about the best way to get your Senator’s attention.

Problematic is coming to Hobart for ONE NIGHT ONLY on Wednesday March 15th

It’s also heading to Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney

Boundless Plains To Share is coming to Brisbane (2 shows only) and Melbourne (1 show only)

Please support Refugee Legal’s campaign against the new arbitrary deadline for asylum claim applications by donating here

Guardian long piece on Rachel Dolezal



news.com.au article on Skye

Skye’s First Speech to Parliament

Cause of the Week: The Carly Ryan Foundation (carlyryanfoundation.com)

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93 – Ronny Chieng


Comedian and Daily Show correspondent Ronny Chieng is back in Australia at the moment and gave me some of his time to talk about a whole many things. We covered offence, racism, interviewing white supremacists, freedom of speech, outrage, satire in the age of Trump and his conservative upbringing and disposition.

Oh, and my Nazi haircut. Apparently.

Apologies for the slightly not great audio quality on this one. Persevere, please: it’s worth it. It’s Ronny Chieng, for God’s sake.

Stand Up For Mehdi at MICF 2017

Problematic is coming to Adelaide, Hobart, Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney

Boundless Plains To Share is coming to Adelaide, Brisbane & Melbourne


The Daily Show on Comedy Central

Ronny dismantles Fox News’ stupidly racist “Chinatown” report

Make America Hate Again – Ronny’s undecided voters piece

Cause of the Week: The CNN Freedom Project (cnn.com/freedom

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Stand Up For Mehdi


I’m organising this charity gig during MICF and YOU TOTALLY HAVE TO COME. I can’t tell you the line up but it is A++++ and it’s a bloody damn good cause.

Book your tickets here now

People become refugees for lots of different reasons.

MEHDI SAVARI lived in Iran. His job was to tell jokes. One day he dared to tell some jokes about his government.

Those jokes put his life in danger and he had to escape.

Now he finds himself on Manus Island. He’s been there for more than three years.

Meanwhile in Australia, comedians can take the piss out of the government as much as they like. They’re quite inclined to do so, particularly when that government does things like putting Mehdi on Manus Island.

In this extraordinary event, a stellar line up of the best comedians at the Festival come together to perform in solidarity with Mehdi and all the other victims of Australia’s refugee policies.

This secret line up of champions will be (literally) standing up for justice and for not treating people like dicks. Plus they’ll be raising some much-needed cash for the HUMAN RIGHTS LAW CENTRE: an organisation that fights every single day for the rights and protection of refugees and people seeking asylum.

Hosted by award-winning comedian and aspiring sex symbol TOM BALLARD and featuring the finest comedic talent from Australia and across the world (and maybe even a musical treat or two), STAND UP FOR MEHDI is sure to be a stand out event at MICF 2017. Don’t miss it.